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Origin Story

For most of my youth, I went every thursday to the comic book store with my allowance and bought comics. I amassed over 4,000 comics, all dilligently bagged and back boarded like a comic book geek would naturally do. Eventually, my comic hobby slowed, and mostly stopped when I went to college. My comics went untouched for years in my parents house. Ocassionally, I would buy some comics to read, bag and backbaord them, and put them into a box.

Recently, with the death of my dad, I had to clean out my parents' house and found all my old comics stashed away in their basement. It pains me to even think of throwing them out. I didn't even know which comics I had anymore and which ones were worth anything. As I started to go through them, I realized that the current process of cataloging and collecting comics was so difficult and tedious. I decided to build this site and hopefully an application to make the process of tracking, collecting (and maybe selling them) easier.

Through the process of creating the site, I fell in love with comics all over again, and learned about new artists and writers in the new generation of comic creators. Hopefully, this site will help you find new comics to collect and read as well!

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